Vandalism is a terrible scourge.  It defaces buildings, lowers property values, intimidates residents, scares away customers, discourages tourism, invites street gangs and other vandals and attracts crime in general.  Graffiti Removal Experts, LLC is committed to providing professional, immediate and complete graffiti and other vandalism cleaning services to our clients and customers at a fair price.  Urban Beautification is our Specialty!

Keep any property clean and beautiful with graffiti removal and cleaning services from Graffiti Removal Experts, LLC.  We are Philadelphia’s premier graffiti cleaning company, providing superior services to ensure that your home, business or neighborhood is graffiti-free. Our services help maintain property value, aesthetic appearance and are completely non-damaging. 

Graffiti Removal

Whether its spray paint on your property, or you have a Neighborhood Association that battles graffiti, we have you covered. 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable products used to keep your property or area free of graffiti.

Sticker Removal

Stickers slapped on signs, light posts and other surfaces are just as much an eyesore as other vandalism. We work with tough cleaners and tools to remove unsightly stickers of all kinds, then if possible treat the surface for easy removal should one return.

Glass Vandalism

Etched or Acid Damaged glass is becoming more popular with vandals. Our process costs half of what it costs to replace an entire window, with no visible difference once complete.

Graffiti Removal Experts uses bio-degradable, environmentally friendly products to restore vandalism that often can lead to more vandalism, littering and crime if untreated.

Graffiti Removal Experts can help get your property back to its previous condition with a simple call or email for a free quote within 24 hours and work complete, depending on job size, within 72 hours.

Graffiti Removal Experts also helps large Neighborhood Civic Associations and Business Development Districts via ongoing maintenance contracts – ensuring rapid response to graffiti and other unseemly vandalism occurring on a regular basis.

Perfect for:

  • Property Managers
  • Developers
  • Business  Managers
  • Property Owners
  • Realty Companies
  • Neighborhood Civic Associations
  • Business Development Districts
  • Construction Superintendents
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