About Us

Working hard in Philadelphia day and night.

Todd Kelley, a former US Army Officer and Veteran, used his own time volunteering to keep his neighborhood of Society Hill in Philadelphia meticulously clean and free of graffiti and vandalism.

With this personal passion for eradicating urban blight and  putting pride back into  neighborhood appearances by beautifying the city he loves, Todd created Graffiti Removal Experts, LLC to expand his service city-wide and beyond.

Not only does Graffiti Removal Experts fight to keep Philadelphia beautiful, we take pride in how we do it. Hiring the homeless looking for honest work at fair wages, or hiring people in shelters looking to improve their situation, is something that we feel makes an additional positive impact.

Graffiti Removal Experts LLC now provides a host of services to individuals, business and various organizations in a cost effective environmentally friendly way.

Contact Graffiti Removal Experts today for a quote no matter what your project size.

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