Working hard in Philadelphia day and night.

Graffiti Removal Experts has grown every year since founded by Todd Kelley in 2013.  The passion and commitment to prove that vandalism does not have to be accepted as a condition of living in the city led to its formation.

It started by keeping his block clean, then being hired to perform vandalism removal for property owners, business improvement districts and civic associations. 

As business growth continued, the first employee was hired, who had asked for work previously when vandalism was being removed on the corner he lived on.

Since our first employee, we have made it our policy to only hire people that are homeless, recently homeless or have been previously incarcerated and have gone through a federal reentry program, who want to work their way to better times. Each part of the company’s growth has helped make our mission to rid the city of vandalism an obtainable goal.

Strategic partnering with the Voluntary Federal Court Re-entry Program in Philadelphia, Civic Associations and Philadelphia Councilmen; clearly shows how many people in Philadelphia share in our vision. 

We have never sought tax dollars to make this shared vision a reality.   We continue to identify private funding in a variety of ways in order to provide every neighborhood with continual vandalism remediation on city property, as well as on personal property in conjunction with Philadelphia’s 311 program.  In addition, we provide jobs to those who need work, that have recently been, or are currently in, a difficult position in life.

Private funding to beautify Philadelphia’s streets, while giving those often overlooked, a chance to be a key part of our joint vision. 

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